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ISOP 2021 Virtual Lecture Series

Webinar 4: Presbyopia Trends

Quantitative Imaging and Simulation
 December 8
, 2021


Join us on December 8 as we discuss “Presbyopia Trends”

International Expert Panel:

Satish Herekar, MS

Jui Teng Lin, PhD
Recent Progress of Lasers for Presbyopia Correction

James Wolffsohn, PhD
Presbyopia Trends: Quantitative Imaging and Simulation

Daniel Goldberg, MD
Computer Animation of Accommodative Mechanism

AnnMarie Hipsley, PhD
Illuminating Anatomy of Accommodation Structure & Function
Using 3DMicroscopy & 3D Finite Element Model

Dan Neal, PhD
Objective Measurement of Accommodation

Mary Ann Croft, MS
Accommodation, Presbyopia and the Accommodative Apparatus

Fabrice Manns, PhD
Real-time Refraction and OCT imaging of the Anterior Segment

Paul Donaldson, PhD
MRI Based Measurements of Lens Water Transport:
New Insights to the Onset of Presbyopia

Satish Herekar, MS

Moderated by:
Satish Herekar, MS