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Eyetube Podcasts
Eyetube Podcasts
Eyetube Podcasts
The Cycle of Enthusiasm (Fine-Tuned)
by Bryn Mawr Communications

Steven J. Dell, MD, believes great results are the driver of physician and staff enthusiasm and practice growth, but getting great results requires meticulous planning and care. In this episode, Dr. Dell reviews ways his practice has achieved this goal.

The Cycle of Enthusiasm (Fine-Tuned)
Increased Efficiency in a Premium Practice (Presbyopia Unlocked)
Virtual Reality, Specialty Contact Lenses, and Dry Eye (The MOD Pod)
Patients Want What You Have (Fine-Tuned)
Premium IOLs: A Continuous Evolution (Presbyopia Unlocked)
Giving Thanks (Ophthalmology off the Grid)
Uveitis and Infectious Eye Disease (New Retina Radio)
Ocular Oncology at the AAO Annual Meeting (New Retina Radio)
Late-Breaking Phase 3 Data From AAO Retina Subspecialty Day (New Retina Radio)
Diabetic Eye Disease: What's Next for Your Patients? (New Retina Radio)
KAMRA Vision London
KAMRA Vision London
KAMRA Vision by FOCUS Clinics in London is the cure for vision problems using the kamra inlay and laser eye surgery.
Presbyopia Correction Treatments
by KAMRA Vision

Over the last few years, presbyopia correction treatments have changed and improved dramatically.

In this podcast, get an overview the common treatments along with the most recent and exciting of them all.

Learn more about presbyopia (the result of ageing eyes) and how to make yourself immune from it.

FOCUS Clinics in London specialises in the very best eye surgery procedures and are here to help you with any questions or information you may need —

In the meantime, please take a moment to listen the podcast.
Presbyopia Correction Treatments

Presbyopia Correction Treatments
Symptoms of Presbyopia? What Happens?
What is Presbyopia?
What is the KAMRA Inlay?
Z KAMRA Testimonial and Surgeon Explanation
What is the KAMRA Sim-LASIK Treatment?
Close-Up of KAMRA Inlay in the Eye
How the KAMRA Inlay Works
Card Test – KAMRA Inlay Simulation for Vision Correction
Front View KAMRA Inlay Eye Surgery